That’s me, fundraising at work. I work for Active Nation, a charity persuading the nation to become more active and combat common inactivity that leads to common moralities – but about Bangladesh.

An advert came up on my facebook while I was laying around feeling sorry for myself, and i thought… 12 weeks working abroad with the International Citizen Service? Is that for me?

I guess it was. I went to the assessment day, got selected for a three month  placement in Bangladesh where I will be working with my team to help young people who need jobs, face discrimination, and lack basic education. Two months later I’m on the training week, and I’ve nearly raised £800 for Y Care International and the YMCA.


Then, I hit my fundraising target – met my new team (because I’m silly and didn’t finish my jabs in time for the first group), and now I’ve made a blog about it. I’m going to be hosting some talks at local schools and colleges, so keep posted for the outcome of that – and to see the work I’ll be doing over there!


Below: Team Bangladesh, in traditional clothes for Eid. See me in yellow:

Below below: me, giving a talk on volunteerism and the sustainable development goals, in a local college: